23 | 09 | 2017

Igor Burtsev: Reaktion auf Skeptiker

Hominologie-NewslogoIgor Burtsev, Direktor des International Center of Hominology, antwortet exklusiv für das Magazin Der Kryptozoologie-Report zu den skeptischen Kritiken, die nach der sogenannten "Yeti-Konferenz" in Moskau und Tashtagol/Sibirien aufkamen.

  • In the second letter, a man needs to take a detour due to a landslide on the regular route, and is harassed and terrified by a sasquatch that doesn't want him in his territory!!

  • You’ve heard we’re killing off the animal kingdom? Well, the crypto-animal kingdom is poised for a boom, says researcher Benjamin Radford.

  • Once again Toyota is using cryptozoology in advertising

  • After Hours with Rictor (The #1 Bigfoot Webcast) talks to Craig Woolheater from Cryptomundo. Rictor and Craig talk about Craig’s personal Bigfoot sighting in 1994 and one of the major problems facing the world of Bigfoot research…

  • Cryptozoologist is a documentary film about unknown animals and the people who's job it is to find them. Meet the men and women whose profession it is to study, research and write about mysterious creatures around the globe.

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