21 | 10 | 2018

Kryptozoologie-Umschau 76

Umschau-LogoEiniges hat sich angesammelt seit der letzten Kryptozoologie-Umschau. Die legendäre Schildkröte des vietnamesischen Hoan Kiem-Sees wurde aufgrund ihrer Verletzungen gefangen und befindet sich nun in einem "Sanatorium". Und Jeff Meldrum spekuliert über eine Bigfoot-Population von 500 bis 700 Individuen.Einige interessante Themen - auf die ein oder andere Art jedenfalls. Kommen wir ohne weitere Umschweife zu den Links:




  • Let’s look at the evidence. There are footprints and sounds, grainy pictures, and the notorious Patterson-Gimlin film—that shaky 1967 video of a big, hairy beast striding through the forest. But how well does it hold up? We hear from a...

  • Just what is Bigfoot? Descendant of ancient apes? Close human ancestor? Evolution might hold the answer to this question. Homo sapiens may rule the planet now but once upon a time, we weren’t the only hominid creatures walking around. Who’s...

  • Laura Krantz is a veteran public radio editor and producer. So how did she end up in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, eyeballing some giant ground nests… that might have been made by Bigfoot? You can place the blame...

  • For more than a year, Laura Krantz searched for Sasquatches and the people who love them. She tromped through the Pacific Northwest looking for Bigfoot nests, frequented Sasquatch-enthusiast chat rooms, and talked to scientists about how DNA testing may be...

  • It takes you on a trip you never saw coming!

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