25 | 06 | 2016

Kyptozoologie-Umschau 81

Umschau-LogoBigfoot-Eulen, lebende Dinosaurier, Schweizer Panther und andere ABC's, räudige Chupacabras, Jubiläen von Kryptiden, Nessie-Hexer, Bloop-Eisberge und über allem eine DNA-Analyse von Bigfoot's Haaren. Viel war los in den letzten Monaten, viel Spaß beim stöbern in den Links!
Die Links sind chronologisch nach ihrem Veröffentlichungsdatum sortiert.

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  • IMAX crew accidentally films a bigfoot. Skeptics claim it's only a crew member wearing a backpack, but we see where this CAN'T be a crew member, unless he's a giant, an Olympic sprinter and travels with his pet monkey (you'll...

  • After many months of dedicated fieldwork in the woods of Oklahoma and Texas, this researcher has obtained very valuable footage.

  • Throughout the forests, crags and caves of the Ozarks a legend has been whispered among those brave enough to reside in Missouri’s vast southern expanse. For centuries, it’s been said something strange lives in the wilderness, something which our modern...

  • A drone video went viral, allegedly recording bigfoot in Idaho. The film’s producers announced that it was all a hoax. Sadly, a self proclaimed bigfoot researcher's reputation has now been destroyed...

  • we welcome last week's guests, Ronie and Sybilla back. They have many more encounters to talk about, as well as other interesting topics to cover. If you listened to them, on last week's show, you already know that you won't...

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