28 | 02 | 2017

Kyptozoologie-Umschau 81

Umschau-LogoBigfoot-Eulen, lebende Dinosaurier, Schweizer Panther und andere ABC's, räudige Chupacabras, Jubiläen von Kryptiden, Nessie-Hexer, Bloop-Eisberge und über allem eine DNA-Analyse von Bigfoot's Haaren. Viel war los in den letzten Monaten, viel Spaß beim stöbern in den Links!
Die Links sind chronologisch nach ihrem Veröffentlichungsdatum sortiert.

Kryptozoologie allgemein









  • The Mothman of Point Pleasant details a thirteen month span of time that kicked off in November of 1966 with the first sightings of a bizarre, winged, man-like creature in the small town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia and ended...

  • The team travels to Iowa to investigate Yellow River State Forest's history of reports. The local BFRO share stories around the campfire, and the team explores the park, leading to an epic final night, and a squatch on therm.

  • The Omni resort is known for hospitality, but some un-invited squatchy guests have been reported. The hotel manager calls the bigfoot team to investigate the unwanted guests.

  • Bobo tries acting casual like a camper so Bigfoots will let down their guard. He begins to hear something circling the camp site.

  • The team gets excited by a report from a woman in east Texas, Anna, who claims she shot at Bigfoot in her backyard to protect her daughter and save her dog. A wounded monster should be easy to track down.

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